Welcome! This is the place to be for photos and updates about our sweet bunny baby.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello There!

Just popping in to say we haven't forgotten about the blog.  Millie and I had a pretty rough start to breastfeeding, and we've spent most of our time this month (at least the time in this chair by the computer!) trying to heal and figure things out together.  But don't worry... we have plenty of pictures to share from our first month adventures.  I'll probably do a "photo dump" of sorts with a list of the highlights. I'm also typing with one finger, due to a certain bunny sleeping in my lap, but we'll figure that out too :)

Yesterday was Millie's one month birthday (May 27th), so I have a special picture and letter to her that I'll post soon! 

Thanks for being patient with us. Check back soon!

Monday, May 7, 2012


Hello! Welcome to Millie-Bea's Bunny Corner!  This is the place to be for photos and updates on our sweet bunny.  We want to keep everyone informed of happenings around the burrow and beyond, so we'll do our best to post regularly.  To start, here are some of our favorite photos from Milie's first week home...