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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Some firsts

A lot of "firsts" in the past two days. Some bigger than others, but all pretty special in this Mama's book.
Eeyore enjoys being hand-fed
green olives at lunch time
Discovering a new toy: blocks!

Rock climbing by the pond
16 months old, Millie's first time...

- Building a block tower: she took them out of the basket and started stacking them all by herself. I hadn't introduced them to her yet and she's never taken them out before. She had an amazing sense of calm as she fixed her tower each time it fell. I love to see that part of her... a nice compliment to her wild temper :)

- Climbing the rock wall at the pond and walking all the way across it (while Mama held her hand of course. Ok ok... while Mama gripped her forearm in a bear-like manner is more accurate). While she was up there a beautiful heron swooped over our heads and landed about 10 feet away!

- Running at full speed, in a straight path and around objects/walls

- Sleeping under a blanket on the bed (pictures of her new toddler room mini-makeover to come soon)

- Reading a book out loud. She has always flipped through pages by herself or asked about pictures in a questioning manner, but this was different. In one of our favorite books, "The Big Red Barn", there is a page with cats and dogs. She turned to the page and started doing exaggerated "meow, yow!"s and "woof woof"s, in a very funny deep voice, making the animals talk back and forth. It was quite hilarious.

I saved the best for last...
- Saying "TETA"!!! So exciting! This morning at breakfast I told her we might see Teta Annie soon. I thought she repeated "Teta", so I asked her "Did you just say 'Teta'?", and she whispered back... "Teta". So so sweet! When she was a baby she would whisper our names when she wasn't sure she was right. She then proceeded to look for said Teta, pointing out the window to a pear tree, opening the kitchen cupboard, and pulling aside the curtain at the front door to look on the porch, all while saying "Teta?"

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Apple Picking

This past Sunday we visited Fishkill Farms to pick some apples. We love it there and we're so happy that Millie loves it too.  They have a special Harvestfest going on through October with live music, so we were able to hit on just about all of her favorite things: walking around, eating outside, music, and dogs! We had a nice stroll down a row of trees until we found some with lots of apples. Brady handed Millie an apple and she was content to just roam around and eat it. A few times I asked her if she wanted to pick one off the tree to put in the bag and she very politely said "No...", shaking her head, then continuing to munch on her apple. She ate down to the core (see picture) and the only way we could stop her from eating the stem and seeds was to tell her it was time to throw it in the grass for the squirrels. She waved goodbye to it and we tossed it under a tree.

frolicking amongst the "tickle grass"

picnicking in Dada's lap
dancing/spinning with Mama to The Wanderer ("I'm going round and round and round!")

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mr. Toad's wild ride (almost)

(apple-picking photos will come tomorrow- hold your horses!)

For the last couple of weeks Millie has been very interested in plants and insects. This new discovery, combined with her love of collecting things, has launched our outdoor/nature time to the next level. We are very lucky that our playground (which is about 2 blocks from our house!) is nestled on the outskirts of Depew Park. The playground is surrounded by trees with a great hill to one side, and the pond is right across the road. We visit the playground just about every morning, which inevitably leads to climbing the hill, collecting bits of nature (then tossing them back when we need a free hand), and exploring the pond and grass.
Well, this morning we strolled into the playground just as the Parks Dept. guys pulled up in their truck. Millie had a nice time lounging in her stroller while eating some leftover leek and onion tart. We chatted with the guys and watched them take out a piece of equipment that needed to be fixed. Then Millie ran around a bit, went on the swing, climbed a rock. She walked back over to her stroller and started to pull it out onto the pathway (to push up and down the sidewalk).  You can imagine our surprise when we saw a tiny gray toad sitting on the stroller! Thank goodness we saw him, or I imagine he would have gotten smooshed one way or another.
We were so delighted we didn't know what to do! He was absolutely beautiful. He looked so delicate that I was afraid he would be hurt if he tried to jump down by himself onto the sidewalk.  Millie was thrilled. She kept bending down and pointing at him, straightening back up to look at me and gasp, then bending down to point again. I couldn't get too many pictures because I was trying to supervise the pointing and excitement :)
I tried to cup my hand around him to encourage him to step onto it, but every time I tried he tucked his little arms in and winced! I asked Millie to find a big leaf for him and she brought back a yellow tuliptree leaf. We offered it to him to climb onto, but he declined. Millie had a very strong reaction to all of this and actually began to cry when we couldn't get him onto the leaf. I hugged her and she sobbed into my shoulder for a minute. It was very moving. Next thing we knew he had jumped down and I was able to gently get him into my hand.  We climbed the hill and found a safe spot near a tree to let him go. When I opened my hand he walked onto my finger and didn't want to get down. I let him relax for a minute and Millie walked off to explore. I took a picture of the toad on my finger, then called to Millie. I told her I was going to let him go, so now was a good time to say goodbye if she wanted to. She came toddling back over, bent down towards my hand, and kissed the toad! He jumped down and headed towards the tree.
Millie and I walked back down the hill to our stroller. I think we were both feeling a little serene after our toad encounter, and we decided to walk the longer way home past the pond. She loves to walk by herself now and even pushes her own stroller down the road. We walked very slowly, stopping every two steps or so to pick up a leaf or watch an ant.


top: Tiny Mr. Toad

bottom: Hello in there! Anybody home?

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Here is the beauty at the zoo, enjoying her lunch next to the flamingos. Listen carefully...

You may also notice that she has created her own sign for "hot", and uses her fork like a big girl. Me oh my.