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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Some firsts

A lot of "firsts" in the past two days. Some bigger than others, but all pretty special in this Mama's book.
Eeyore enjoys being hand-fed
green olives at lunch time
Discovering a new toy: blocks!

Rock climbing by the pond
16 months old, Millie's first time...

- Building a block tower: she took them out of the basket and started stacking them all by herself. I hadn't introduced them to her yet and she's never taken them out before. She had an amazing sense of calm as she fixed her tower each time it fell. I love to see that part of her... a nice compliment to her wild temper :)

- Climbing the rock wall at the pond and walking all the way across it (while Mama held her hand of course. Ok ok... while Mama gripped her forearm in a bear-like manner is more accurate). While she was up there a beautiful heron swooped over our heads and landed about 10 feet away!

- Running at full speed, in a straight path and around objects/walls

- Sleeping under a blanket on the bed (pictures of her new toddler room mini-makeover to come soon)

- Reading a book out loud. She has always flipped through pages by herself or asked about pictures in a questioning manner, but this was different. In one of our favorite books, "The Big Red Barn", there is a page with cats and dogs. She turned to the page and started doing exaggerated "meow, yow!"s and "woof woof"s, in a very funny deep voice, making the animals talk back and forth. It was quite hilarious.

I saved the best for last...
- Saying "TETA"!!! So exciting! This morning at breakfast I told her we might see Teta Annie soon. I thought she repeated "Teta", so I asked her "Did you just say 'Teta'?", and she whispered back... "Teta". So so sweet! When she was a baby she would whisper our names when she wasn't sure she was right. She then proceeded to look for said Teta, pointing out the window to a pear tree, opening the kitchen cupboard, and pulling aside the curtain at the front door to look on the porch, all while saying "Teta?"


  1. So... as smart as she is beautiful! ox

  2. Every "first" is such a special one, and so glad Millie has parents who celebrate each of them. What a treasure. Love to you all. xoxo