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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Apple Picking

This past Sunday we visited Fishkill Farms to pick some apples. We love it there and we're so happy that Millie loves it too.  They have a special Harvestfest going on through October with live music, so we were able to hit on just about all of her favorite things: walking around, eating outside, music, and dogs! We had a nice stroll down a row of trees until we found some with lots of apples. Brady handed Millie an apple and she was content to just roam around and eat it. A few times I asked her if she wanted to pick one off the tree to put in the bag and she very politely said "No...", shaking her head, then continuing to munch on her apple. She ate down to the core (see picture) and the only way we could stop her from eating the stem and seeds was to tell her it was time to throw it in the grass for the squirrels. She waved goodbye to it and we tossed it under a tree.

frolicking amongst the "tickle grass"

picnicking in Dada's lap
dancing/spinning with Mama to The Wanderer ("I'm going round and round and round!")

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