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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Teething, Grabbing, and Reading, oh my!

So it looks like this fourth month of Millie-Bea-ness is all about teething and grabbing. Month one was figuring out nursing, month two was learning to sleep through the night (10 hours now!), month three was talking (which is now talking, mimicking, playing sound games, singing, and laughing out loud :).

Here she is grabbing her butterfly (a gift from Brady's co-worker)

Figuring out how to chew on her freezer-ring (another gift)

Some fist gnawing...

Chewing on Daddy's finger

Yesterday we went to Story Time at the library for the first time.  Millie was definitely the youngest there, but much more attentive than some of the kids, haha.  She sat in my lap and looked around at the kids jumping and dancing.  A little boy brought a stuffed owl toy over to her and tickled her toes with it, which was very funny.  We got up and danced when they did songs and she was content the whole time (about 35 minutes... we were late due to an unexpected pig parade before we left the house). 


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  2. Looks like fun, Millie-Bea!
    Love, Grandma ox