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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birthday girl!

Miss Millie turned the big .0-5 today! We took her birthday picture but I can't find the camera cord, so I'll post it later.  She started the day with some breakfast bananas, which has become a regular routine now.  Some other new favorite things in life include sticking her tongue out and spitting all over the place, screaming happily at the top of her lungs, and spinning all the way around in a circle while laying on the ground.
This afternoon she and I went on a little birthday shopping spree with some of the money we earned at the children's consignment sale last weekend.  We got a couple of much needed items (socks and bibs), and also some fun things we've been thinking of getting... a soft organic knit teether and a rubber ducky for the tub!  
There was an elephant teether and a bunny teether and I let her choose by holding them both in front of her. At first she looked back and forth at them, then reached both hands up (one to each) at the same time, then she stared at the elephant and moved both hands to it. It is so fun for me to see all my child development knowledge put into action with my own little guinea pig! I pulled the tag off it in the store and gave it to her, and she immediately started chewing on it's trunk :)

Here is a picture I too
k of my view from the driver's seat when we got home: 

sweet sleeping girl holding her elephant toy

And here is "Bob" the rotund rubber duck... Tubby time started with Mama and Bob doing a ventriloquist act, much to the baby's amusement. I promised Bob that Millie only wanted to give him a birthday kiss, so he agreed to get in the water, only to find he had been dooped and was about to get chewed on!

It was a wonderful birthday, if I do say so myself.

Halfway through writing this post I was called upstairs by a little girl that needed one more round of bedtime pigs. She barely even ate the pigs, mostly just wanting to hold hands until she fell asleep again.


  1. Yay for 5 months! I love hearing the adventures of your days together.
    Do I detect some real hair coming in? What a sweet profile picture.
    Big hugs to you all,
    Gaga and Nana xoxo

    1. Yes, just in the last week her hair has started really growing. It's coming in a sweet honey brown color... so we're still hopeful that it'll be similar to those beautiful California Sansone girls!