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Monday, January 7, 2013


Millie came through her surgery on Thursday with flying colors, and bounced back so quickly on Friday that we got to come home a day early!  Hospitals and surgeries are not a lot of fun, but we did the best we could and are glad to be on the other side of this one!  The hospital staff were pretty clear that Millie would have to sleep in a kind of cage/crib hybrid, which was a bit of a double whammy as she has yet to even see a crib, but Mom prevailed and much couch-snuggling ensued, complete with second suppers, midnight snacks, and early bird breakfasts, making this the second time we have co-slept in a hospital.  Dad was not so convincing in his appeals to sleep on chairs, nooks, crannies, or even the floor and was dispatched to Gowanus for the night.  The next morning Millie was looking like her usual self again and was happy to try out some juice boxes for the first time.  She quickly made friends with the other kids in the pediatric wing and got a big kick out of the fish tanks there.  Zipped home for a happy reunion Friday with Grandma, Sneaky Pete, and the cats, and have been all smiles since!

Mom attempting to infiltrate the surgery suite



  1. Attempting to?! You better believe I walked that baby all the way into the OR!
    Thanks for the upbeat update sweetie. xo

  2. Good thing you guys have gender-neutral baby clothes, otherwise would have to buy a whole new post-op wardrobe! And looking pretty sturdy with that juicebox, Millicent!

  3. Loving seeing these photos, and the lively video of Peek-a-boo, underscoring how well she's doing. We've felt way, way too far from you all, especially this last week, but hope you could feel our thoughts. Sending lots of love. Wonderful to talk with both of you by phone last week!
    Hogs and Quiches,
    Gaga and Nana xoxo