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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Birthday talk + 11 Months part 2

For a couple of weeks now we have been singing a birthday song to Millie, in anticipation of the big day. I sing it to her first thing in the morning and she bounces around the bed laughing. Here it is... (sung to the tune of "Here Comes Santa Clause")

Who has an April birthday soon?
Millie has an April birthday soon!
Who is a bunny that Mama loves?
Millie is a bunny that Mama loves!
Birthday soon?
Bunny love?
MUST be Millie!
Must be Millie!
Must be Millie... Millie Bea!

She just adores songs and silly games, mostly ones we make up. I'm writing some of them down in her journal so we don't forget them. There are a few silly routine songs and lines she loves that we have been doing since she was very little. I definitely want to remember them forever! That will be a separate post :)

So for her 11 month photo shoot, I thought I was so clever. I had a little bowl of raspberries, and I thought if I handed them to her one by one she would forget about her usual game of grabbing the heart off the chair. Well that worked fine, but don't you know that raspberries make a person pucker their lips, making it even more difficult to get a good photo? Well, now you know. So then I tried giving her cat treats to throw to Shark. How did that work out, you ask? Shark ended up on the chair, and the cat treats ended up in Millie's mouth. Incidentally, cat treats also make a person pucker their lips.
Here are some outtakes:

This week at Book Babies, Millie helped with the story by holding the deer. She wore her new walker shoes and walked all around, even taking some books off the shelf. The last picture is of her passed out in the car after the library.

And now she's waking up from her nap! Gotta go!

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