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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

We had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday! Mama slept in until 10am while Daddy and Millie took Sneaky into the park. When I went downstairs there was a present waiting for me! Some peanut butter M&Ms and two framed pictures of me with my lamb. Today Millie got up from her snack table to get one of the pictures and brought it back to look at while she ate :)
We had brunch at the diner downtown (huevos rancheros!), and in the afternoon we took our first born to the dog park. Everyone had a wonderful day.
ps: as you may have started to notice, Millie's new favorite thing to do is point. She points when she wants something, when she wants to show you something, when she wants you to narrate what is happening, and if you're really lucky you get the double point which as far as we can tell is just a sign of affection.

picking flowers

so many dogs!

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