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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Farmer's Market, Gardening, and Zoo, OH MY!

Busy baby week around here. We've all been enjoying the Saturday morning farmer's market downtown. Millie helps put fruit and vegetables in the bags, pick out bread, and sample cheese.
We planted a sensory garden for her at the end of the patio. Her favorite plant was the dill (see above). She spent a very long time carrying it around, putting it on the chair then taking it off. Lately she loves to carry heavy objects, so the planting was just a perfect toddler activity. She also loves to push things with wheels, so below you can see her helping with the wheelbarrow.

Today Millie spent the day with her baby friends Adeline and Emma (all the Daddy's had the day off!). We all visited the Bronx Zoo in the morning, which was tons of fun. In the afternoon the girls played in Adeline's baby pool and sprinkler, and we grilled some tofu dogs and veggies. We had such a wonderful time!
In the photos below you can see Millie being a bumble bee and visiting the butterfly garden, standing with Mama by the giraffes, and playing with Dada in the Congo. Her favorite parts of the zoo were the ducks, sparrows, pushing her stroller around, and pointing to people's iphones when they took pictures. Please don't tell Daddy that we could have done all that for free in the park! Just kidding... we all had a really great time and we hope to go back soon. Millie was wonderful for the whole trip (as were her baby friends). We had a lovely picnic, saw tons of animals, and did lots of big girl walking. A very happy day :)


  1. LOVE the picture with the dill... I wonder what she is thinking? ox

  2. Her weeks are so full of wonderful new experiences, and we love hearing and seeing them all. Doesn't the world change when you have a little walker in the family?
    As always, these are just terrific posts.
    Love, Gaga and Nana xoxo

  3. What lovely experiences for little Millie. That moment in the butterfly garden is just beautiful..
    viv x x