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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

From today

The days seem to be going by so quickly! Weeks are piling up and our sweet Millie Bea is almost 18 months old. It's all I can think about lately. My happy, loving, strong-minded girl growing up. That, and dreaming of what Santa may have in store for her this year.

To Millie, here are some things I want to remember from today...

*You love animals so, so much. Your specialty lately is saying "m-yow" when you spot a cat (real or in a book, on a sign, anywhere). One might be surprised just how many cat images there are around, unless they have a cat-loving toddler to point them out. Today you climbed onto the couch and "m-yow"ed at Shark over and over again, poking her on the back. I asked you what you were doing and you opened your hand to reveal a little kernel of corn. You shrugged and put your hands up as if to say "I don't understand why she doesn't want this." Together we got the bag of kitty treats instead, and you happily fed them to her one at a time. Later while I was loading the dishwasher, you fed Sneaky Pete his dinner all by yourself, scooping his food from the bin and pouring it into his dish. When you had trouble closing the latch on his food bin, you would just give him another scoop then try again! He had a lot of dinner ;)

*Our art supply order arrived this week, and you have been joyfully arranging the paint bottles all over the house. This morning we decided to try finger painting. It was a mixed bag of fun and frustration, but I have some ideas about what to do differently next time!

*The weather was cold and gloomy this afternoon, so we baked brownies to warm things up. Each time you help in the kitchen I can see your concentration and will power building. You unwrapped the baking chocolate, spread butter in the dish, scooped flour, and mixed with the spatula. It wasn't until more than halfway through that you stuck your hand in and ate a fist full of batter! "Mmmm.. more! more!" you told me. Oh boy, we have so many days and years ahead to bake and cook together. I can hardly wait!

*When the oven is on you like to go near the door and feel the warmth, shaking your hand and blowing to show me it's hot. When I'm going to open the oven door, I say "The oven is hot. Everyone back up." You always keep a safe distance and help corral the animals out of the way. Today you were in a silly, chocolate-faced mood, and when I opened the oven door to put the brownies in you very dramatically moon-walked out of the room! It was quite hilarious. In fact, you didn't stop until you backed into a wall and then doubled over laughing.

We are definitely on the cusp of big-girlhood over here. Luckily, the sweet bunny humors the Mama by looking through her baby pictures every day. I say to her: "Excuse me Miss, do you want to see pictures of my beautiful baby?" We flip through the phone and she points, saying "Bay-beh". Today we reached 4,000 phone pictures.


  1. Wonderful observations, Helen Jane! I am LOVING the sleeping Millie Bea pict! ox

  2. These thoughts and remembrances are such a gift to her, Helen. We love everything you write. the photos of the brownie-making do indeed give us glimpses of a little girl growing up each day. Such a lucky girl to have you and Brady for Mama and Dada.
    See you all soon.
    xoxo Nana and Gaga

  3. Whenever the oven door opens here, you'll hear the quick 'pop' of a switchblade opening and, if you're quick, see a flash of silver just before you feel small hands pressing the cold steel into your back as someone says: "Brownie--now."

    1. Kristyn just said "Nick always knows how to bring you back down to... well.. just to bring you down."