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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lazy Days

1+2 looking through Mama's jewelry box
3 painting and drawing in the new upstairs studio room
4 Thursday is breakfast-for-dinner night: waffles with maple cream cheese and fresh berries
5 Millie and Emma: hours and hours spent with our good friends (picture by Casey!)
6-9 digging
10 relaxing at the edge of her fort
11 painting
12 kale chips on the couch

All pictures are from last Thursday and Friday. (As usual, blogger is giving me trouble about formatting and going back to edit- sorry!)


  1. Beautiful! Looks like paradise for toddlers! ox

  2. What fun with friend Emma, with paints (even using a brayer now?), and hanging out. Have Casey and family moved into their new home? The quilt looks great on the couch! xoxo