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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


An important part of the Waldorf lifestyle and education is the celebration of festivals throughout the year. Since our family doesn't follow any specific religion, I appreciate how many of the holidays are presented from a historical, spiritual, and community-based perspective. They are also grounded in the seasons of nature, which we try to focus on with Millie Bea.
November 11th is Martinmas, or Saint Martin's Day, when schools and communities gather after dark for a lantern walk. I had never heard of it until I started learning about Waldorf, but there is a lot to like about this festival. The very short version of the history is that Martin was a Roman soldier who showed generosity and kindness to a beggar on a very cold night in November. While other people passed by the beggar, Martin stopped and cut his own cloak in two with his sword to clothe the man. That night, Martin had a dream that the beggar was Christ, and so his good deed had been in service to all mankind. The lanterns represent our inner light, and what we have to share with others. It is the beginning of the season of giving, and also reminds us to cherish the light as the darkness of winter sets in.
So, you may be wondering what all this means to a toddler. I kept it very simple with a craft and a poem, and the knowledge in my heart that we are laying the foundation for her bright and beautiful future in this lifestyle we have chosen. 
To make our lantern we glued tissue paper to a glass jar. Millie loved spreading the glue on top of the paper to create layers. I cut out stars from construction paper and we put them between the layers. She chose the colors and I think it came out very pretty. After nap, when it was dry, we twisted wire around the top and over to make a handle, then added a beeswax candle.
(Peeling glue off fingers... A childhood rite of passage)
After the sun went down we crept back downstairs in our pajamas to light it again, and left it on the porch for Daddy to find. Millie could hardly contain her excitement! She kept looking out the window saying "It's getting dark... Almost time. Almost winter coming." Needless to say, Daddy was very happy to find our warm glowing light to guide him home!

The sunlight now is dwindling,
My little lamp needs kindling,
It's beams shine far in darkest night,
Dear lantern, guide me with your light.

Happy Martinmas!


  1. Really sweet! Beautiful legend. Love your lantern, Millie Bea! ox

  2. Beautiful tale about kindness. We have always been so delighted that you and Brady are indeed laying the best foundation for her bright future...we are in awe, constantly. The photos are such treasures here...watching her create the lantern, and then see the delight and curiosity as it is lit. How very special that she left it out to welcome Daddy home.
    Oh my, I have tears in my eyes...is that a part of this wonderful celebration too? We love you all so much. xo

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment Nana! I'm glad you enjoy my sappy posts. I just can't help it when I go through the photos of my little lamb while she's asleep!

  3. p.s. Salem friends years ago organized a Martinmas walk through our local park: Minto Island, where homemade lanterns are made and carried in silence as we walk. It's so beautiful and peaceful, and the tradition endures. It's very special!

    1. That sounds wonderful. Maybe next year we can organize something like that with our neighbors.