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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Easel work

I had the pleasure of observing the artist in her studio this afternoon (and holding the tape for her, and fetching different sized brushes, and adjusting the consistency of her glue... so more assisting than observing).
Piece #1 ~ beeswax crayon, gel crayon, tempera paint stick, glitter paint, printing tools, sequins and glue
Piece #2 ~ paint (she mixed the colors herself), colored tape and scissors, layers of tissue paper and glue, cray-pas 
The second one started because we mixed a light green and Millie said "Ooh a Spring green! I'm going to make grass. New paper, Mum!" She went back and forth between completely process-based creating (cutting and criss-crossing light and dark green tape and commenting on it, mixing an orange to match the color of her orange tape), and also representational/intentional work (grass, flowers, a tissue paper house, the sun). It's hard to believe we're entering into this new phase of making art! She's been drawing a lot of snowmen and sunshines, as well as a few animals. I'm planning to photocopy them soon to make a little compilation. I'll post it when it's finished.

[ps: as usual the colors on the blog photos are not nearly as pretty as the original photos- super frustrating!! If anyone knows an easy way to fix this please tell me!]


  1. Wonderful work, Millie Bea! (Are the photos in RGB mode when they post...do you have a photo editing program to check this?... Don't know if that's helpful or irrelevant)

  2. These are so beautiful, and I love seeing her face at work. Such concentration and awareness. This is truly such precious time. I wish it for ALL children, and so glad you have given it to our Millie Bea. xoxo