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Thursday, February 12, 2015

New preschool website!

Hello again bunny friends,

Millie and I would like to share that we just launched our NEW website and started putting flyers up around town!!! Next fall we will officially begin our first year of preschool at home (ok Mama's getting teary-eyed here!), and have some little friends joining us two mornings a week. We are sooo excited, in case you couldn't tell already. When I ask Millie if she is going to be a preschooler next year, she says "No Mama, I'm a pe-schooler NOW."

Without further ado... here is the link to our business site: LittleBirdLearningCommunity.com
I will be posting school related things there and linking to it here in case anyone wants to keep up, and still posting family photos here.

In other news, Pumpkin Baby has been trying to kick his way out of my belly every day now. We decided that the kids will share a room, which makes us feel like we've gotten something done for him, while actually we just crossed something off our list without actually doing it. Does that make sense? Baby's nursery... check! He doesn't get one! Ok, really he will have a little floor bed in Millie's room (with a quilt from Nana that is in the works- thank you Nana!), but we plan to co-sleep again at night. Millie didn't nap on her bed until she was 7 months old, and she didn't sleep away from us at night until she was a year old, so we feel pretty sure that PB will be similar. I need to get better at the baby wraps/carriers this time for sure, especially for the days I'm running my preschool, but luckily we just found out from our midwives that there is a baby-wearing class nearby that has a wrap lending library. How amazing is that??

Well that's my rant for the night. Photos of our visit with Grandma coming soon I REALLY PROMISE THIS TIME. =D

ps: here's my flyer!


  1. yay! congratulations Helen! This looks great and I'm sure families will be lining up :) Also, yes, figuring out an (anti-) nursery is a totally legitimate item off your to-do list! Sotir would not have approved of any sleeping arrangement that didn't include Besnik, so I'm sure they will love it.

  2. Congratulations...flyer looks great and new website is wonderful! Love the rooms and the garden!

  3. Congratulations!! Everything looks beautiful! You can send Sneaky Pete to share a room with Russell up here if that would help the arrangements??