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Saturday, July 25, 2015

One Month

Arlo at one month old:

Loves to...
* nap in the stretchy baby wrap
* go on nature walks with his big sister (especially pleasant when Mama remembers his sun hat!)
* nurse all day and night
* lift his head and chest up to look at light and shadows
* have cool down tubbies in the sink
* rock with Daddy in the glider chair
* lay on the grass in the garden
* listen to Millie Bea sing
* have his head rubbed

* belly bubbles during the night
* the sound of plastic bags

Fun facts...
* when he fusses to nurse he sounds like a baby dinosaur
* he quickly outgrew all the tiny baby clothes and is wearing 3-6month onesies 
* when his belly is full and he stays awake, he likes to be sitting up facing us and gives the biggest open mouth smiles while we talk to him
* he is the sweetest, softest boy in the whole wide world!


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