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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Favorite Faces

Here is a round-up of Millie's expressions that we've caught on camera!*

milk drunk ~ 2 weeks

"ohhhh" ~ 6 weeks (started from day one!)

grumpy bee ~ 5.5 weeks

tubby face ~ 6.5 weeks

talking to a picture ~ 7 weeks

daydreaming ~ 6.5 weeks

smiling ~ 6 weeks

laughing (and wiggling!) ~ 8 weeks

Bonus photo ~ Here is Sneaky Pete doing his best "it's so hot and I'm so bored and no one will take me for a walk and that crying creature is still in the house making me nervous" face:

*Please Note: out of respect for a girl's privacy, not pictured are "sad baby" and "fury". 


  1. What a beauty! I am favoring Milk Drunk but its really hard to pick just one. Would love to see Fury... maybe a private showing? Poor Sneaky!!! He does look nervous but soon they will be best friends!
    Love, Grandma ox

  2. I'm partial to milk drunk myself, mostly because it only lasted for the newborn stage. And trust me, you'll see fury... no need to ask for it!!!