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Thursday, July 12, 2012

To Market to Market

Millie and I have been preparing for a visit from Grandma, who arrives tonight!  This week we've made pesto using basil from the garden, and also some delicious granola using a recipe from Victoria (our Doula). Yesterday we went on an outing to the Farmers Market in Croton to pick up more delicious goodies.  It was much too hot for babywearing, but once the weather cools down I'm sure the market will be one of her favorite places to look around.  We recently bought a chocolate-colored Moby by using some gift cards from Mary LoCasio (thanks Mary!). It's super easy to put on and Millie loves it, but we might need Teta and Sotir to show us how to nurse in it.

Ok, back to the food! The market was full of seriously delicious-looking things. Below is a photo of our haul, followed by the menu options for Grandma's visit.

rainbow carrots
sweet onions
yellow + white peaches
blueberries, strawberries
handmade pasta
peasant bread
Romano cheese loaf
chocolate sugar cookies, biscotti
dog treats

- greek yogurt w/ pecan-almond granola and fresh fruit
- chocolate-almond nut butter on peasant bread
- everything bagels w/ cream cheese
- egg breakfast burritos 
Lunch + Dinner:
- pesto pasta w/ black olives
- gazpacho
- fake BLTs w/ avocado
- rainbow carrot farmer's salad
- Romano cheese bread pizzas w/ fresh mozzarella + garden peppers
Desserts + Extras:
- fresh fruit
- cookies + biscotti
- organic pink lemonade
- iced coffee w/ almond milk (yum!)

We can't wait to see Grandma!


  1. Who the heck is Grandma? Even her cats call her Gam, give it up, name-poachers!

    Does Millicentina like forward-facing in the Moby? Sot-sot likes to have a good view of all that's going on, so he can make faces at passers-by.

  2. Everything was delicious! Thank you Girls... it was great to see both of you and to see Brady. I love you!!!
    GRANDMA ox

  3. Wow, what a nice welcome to a wonderful Grandma (or Gam, but I won't get in the middle of that one!) Millie B. seems to change with each picture, and looks like she is taking it all in! xoxo Nana