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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby on the move!

Millie has definitely hit a 6 month growth spurt in her development. She sits up all on her own, successfully reaches for objects and pulls them towards herself (usually to chew on), rolls and spins to get where she wants to be, and has crawled a bit (pictures coming soon). She is making lots of new sound combinations, although her favorites remain the same: screaming for fun, making "little bird" noises, and saying "hey, hi, hello".

We have been to many different doctors' offices and hospitals over the last few weeks and everyone new she meets is always very impressed with her strength and control. They comment on her calm and alert personality, and on her cheek chub :) She has been so wonderful taking in all these new places and people. She really enjoys looking at artwork on the walls, touching textures and patterns/colors on furniture or curtains, and giving people her "poker face" look as they ooh and ahh over her.

Sitting in the waiting room at the pediatrician's office

Yesterday we traveled all the way down to 34th Street in NYC to meet with a third Neurosurgeon, whom we really liked. We still have a couple of hoops to jump through, but we will be sending out an email to everyone soon with updates on Millie's tethered cord situation. After the appointment we were able to visit Daddy's office! Millie was enthralled by the creepy oil paintings and even got to help answer a phone call.

Millie is just waking up from her morning pig-nap. After we freshen up we'll be heading down to the coffee shop for a play date wtih Becca and Adeline.


  1. GREAT PHOTOS!!! Love the second one from the top and the portrait of Sneaky and Millie!
    Grandma ox

  2. Ditto what "Grandma ox" says about the photos! They are such treasures...can these be kept for years? I can see Millie looking at them when she's older, fascinated by how well her parents documented all her development. She is doing so well, thriving on all the love of family. We are excited that Grandma is spending her furlough time with you...such bonding!
    thanks, thanks for all of these, and for being such good communicators. We're walking this road with you!
    Love, nana and gaga xoxo

    1. Such heartfelt words! Thank you nana and gaga... we're counting down the days until your visit, eager for you to spend some time with this little doll (and we fully intend to take credit for her sweetness!).