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Friday, November 9, 2012

Shark teeth

Just a quick update since baby girl is sleeping here... our 2 teeth from Sunday have doubled and we almost have 4. Oh boy! Here is Mil chewing on a toy catalog and eating a mini bagel :)

I will update tomorrow with lots of pictures. She seems to have hit a serious 6 month growth spurt as far as her development all around. We had our wellness visit today and she is 75th percentile for head circumference and off the charts for both height and weight. They were very impressed with her teeth.  

One more picture... little gnome baby (in her new fleece coat we bought at a great consignment store near Grandma's house last week). I just love this one.

Millie is asleep next to me on the bed. Tonight her daddy rocked her till she was sound asleep, but as usual she woke up when we laid her down. This is a baby who will not be tricked out of bedtime pigs.

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  1. Millie looks like she is really enjoying that bagel!
    Grandma ox