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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The countdown begins!

23 months today! We are officially counting down to MB's big birthday. So much to prepare, but today we decided to eat pancakes and go shopping. Millie requested purple pancakes this morning. We tried to make them purple with blueberries but it didn't really work, so we dumped a bunch of chocolate chips in and called it good. There was some purple when we cut into them :)
After that we checked our growing list for the thrift store and set out on the town.
But first, the Chapstick. Always the Chapstick.
We found lots of treasures! Some mud kitchen and sandbox tools, a Millie-sized spreader to add to her kitchen gear, white crepe paper for art projects, a ceramic egg holder and tiny ramikins for holding art supplies, a great wood-handled knife for play dough, a mini muffin tin to melt crayons, and a beautiful moon and stars throw (thinking of figuring out how to make it a canopy for her bed). All for under $20. Everything was on our list except the throw, and it was too beautiful to pass up. Plus it seems (smells) brand new!


  1. Great finds, girls! Millie, you look so grown up!!! So... chap stick addiction? It runs in the family! ox

    1. Oh forgot to say included in that $20 I got 2 tops! Jcrew silk sleeveless and a pretty purple Gap Tshirt.

    2. MB is picking her own outfits these days :)

  2. Well, Nana definitely wants to come thrift-shopping with you girls! What great finds; what rich days you have.
    And, what is it about little girls and Chapstick...must be such a nice sensory feel for those sweet baby lips.
    xoxo Nana