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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Watering plants

Last week Grandma brought us some spring bulbs and a couple of other plants (thank you!), and the daffodils have begun to bloom. Today we gathered up all the houseplants to water and observe them. Millie has been very interested in color for a while now so she began her observation by turning over the leaves to check for different colors. We found green, pink, red, yellow, and a nice shade of blue-green. We also found that one of the plants has lots of baby leaves sprouting up from the soil. Millie sniffed all the plants, but only the lavender, geranium, and daffodil had a distinct scent. Of course she loved watching the water disappear as the plants "drank it". A successful indoor gardening time was had by all :)


  1. what a wonderful experience! and what a nice Grandma to know just what to bring. thanks for sharing these nice photos. xo