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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baby Meet n' Greet

Last weekend we drove up to MA for the Baby Meet 'n Greet!
Here is Sotir greeting Millie :)

The Mama/Teta and Xhaxhi/Babi switched the babies for some snuggles!

Teta Annie holding Sotir... M having some sofa pigs

With Teta Nocio (did I spell that right?)

Some guests, after running around in circles with Besnik during a monster game

Not sure who gave this man two babies, but luckily no one would start the car for him to make his planned getaway.

With Teta keri-Ann and cousins Besnik and Sotir! We had such a great visit with the B-man! Love you B!

Millie slept most of the way there and most of the way back.  I never imagined myself nursing a baby in a booth at a McDonald's rest stop, but we made it work.

There are pictures of Grandma and Xhaxhi Joey and Milton cousins on someone else's camera, so hopefully we'll see those soon.  It was so wonderful to meet sweet little Sotir and get a chance to play with Besnik.  Millie received a very special present that we'll post about when we take pictures of it. All in all a great visit! 

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