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Monday, June 4, 2012

May Favorites

Here are some of Millie's favorite things from May:

Tubby time! Millie loves tubby time... when we put her in the whale tub she gets a look of awe on her face. She turns her head all around and stays content the whole time. I'm hoping to get the go-ahead from the midwife on Friday (6 week pp) to take baths again, so I can bring Millie in with me.  I've read that babies love having the floating sensation again, so we can't wait to see how she'll react.

Nana and Gaga came to visit from Oregon.  They helped us plant some veggies in the garden and made lots of delicious meals. We'll see them again in a few days for a wedding in CT.

We are really enjoying bed-sharing with Millie.  Right from the beginning she let us know she prefers to sleep on her side, no matter how many times Mama tried to put her to sleep on her back!  Now she even scoots and squirms towards me during the night if she's not close enough. She is a serious snuggler.

We've been taking walks in the park with Sneaky Pete.  She loves being outside and usually falls asleep instantly.

The wrap has been a big hit- so far we've worn it to a farmer's market, a barbeque, a garden store, and for walks.

Naked baby! (this picture has no story... just cuteness)

One of Millie's other favorite things to do is gaze at her custom made artwork. It calms her down instantly.  This was the first thing she ever focused her little eyes on, followed by the bedroom lights.

That's it for now... Millie says it's time for supper pigs!

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  1. Nice eyes, Millicentina, in the car-seat pic! Tough to get those to show up in pictures! (Very "urban" look, too!!)