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Friday, June 22, 2012


I tried to post this already and it disappeared! The last few weeks have been very busy! No time to type it all up again now, so I'll just post the pictures with captions.

Grandma came to visit for Mama's birthday! We had a great time visiting the herb store and eating cake! Also Gam wanted to show off her tan- everyone was impressed.

We got Millie's social security card in the mail.  "Official Business"... makes a person feel responsible! Now where did we put that...?

We retired the newborn sized diaper covers :(  That was emotional for all, but fun to think the next time we'll see them will be for a little brother or sister! You were much loved, newborn dipes, thanks for keeping the poop in.

We made a trip to New Haven for Jeremy (Brady's cousin) and Crem's wedding. Millie met so many relatives from the West Coast... it was so wonderful to see them and introduce her.  Of course it was extra special for her to meet the Oldfield clan because she is named for Gran (Mildred, or Millie-O!) Here's karen holding M in the hotel room :)

And with Dick... please do not attempt to adjust your computer screen, he really is just that tall ;)

And Uncle Andy! He told Millie all about her cousins Juliana and Emma.  We can't wait for all the girls to meet.

Here is Jeremy playing his guitar during his ceremony. This is the only picture of the wedding that we got- but in my defense I didn't have a lot of free hands for a camera.

Nanc, Nana, and Doog! We tried to tell him babies don't drink wine, but he insisted.

Here's Dave- the proud poppa to Jeremy.

Uncle Andy, Nana, and Nancy during toasts.  Hopefully Grampa Steve has some more wedding photos to pass along soon.

And finally, here's M with her Daddy on Father's Day.  Everyone was pretty hungry, so this is the only picture I got where at least one of them wasn't crying.

We've got some great smiley-baby pictures coming soon!

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