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Sunday, June 2, 2013


A portrait of Millie, once a week, every week, as a one year old.

This past week Millie has been...

* saying "Uh-Oh" when she drops/throws something
* hyperventilating (and waving/pointing/giggling/woofing) at the sight of farm animals
* munching on a new snack combo: dried cranberries and apricots, coconut chips, and almond slices
* enjoying curry egg salad wraps, leek & spinach pizza with goat cheese, spaghetti w/ sauce and whole wheat "everything" rolls
* standing and lifting up objects (toys, laundry basket, etc)
* giving the sweetest, snuggliest, cuddle-hugs you can imagine, to Mama, Dada, and all her stuffed animals.
* filling her walker-wagon with anything she passes by... currently in the wagon she has 5 board books, a sand shovel, a piece of wooden fruit, and the third season DVDs of Arrested Development. The girl knows how to shop.
* wiping the table after she eats, putting her toys away, and cleaning up her play dough when she's done
* finally started signing for "potty" (but still giggles about it!!)