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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Summer Solstice!

What a busy week! MB had her first visit to the dentist, did some gardening, made solstice sun bread, visited with baby Ana in Brooklyn, and went strawberry & cherry picking! I'm tired just thinking about all that! Or maybe I'm tired because it's past midnight... Either way, enjoy these photos of the little queen :)


  1. What a full week! I love seeing her gardening in pots that are just her height, exploring those soft mixtures, and picking berries! Fun to see her new friend Ana as well. Just cannot wait to see you all! xoxo Nana

    1. We didn't have time to write a more descriptive caption last night, but she actually started full-on walking because of those garden pots. Video to come soon!
      Can't wait to see you all too... counting down the days xo

  2. New shoes, Millie Bea?! Beautiful pictures of a busy girl. Its amazing.. when you look straight at the camera, you look just like Daddy... when you are looking down, you look just like the little queen that I used to know. oxoxox

  3. New shoes indeed! We found them at a re-sale shop in Brooklyn when we were dropping off some clothes. Exactly what I was looking for for summer and in her size :)

  4. You guys should've named Milson "Quinoa"...