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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Art update

This week Millie was surprised and very impressed to learn that Teta Annie is also an artist (in addition to herself).
Brady and I reorganized Millie's art space last weekend and also added some print- making tools that she can access at all times. She loves it!
On Monday morning she experimented with the new tools and some paint at her easel. She put a pillow on the floor and invited me to watch her ("Mama! Down down down!"). While she was working I commented something like "how fun is this!?", and she laughed and gave me a BIG hug around the neck. I squeezed her and said "You are a real artist, just like your Teta" (which I've said before). She grew silent and held onto my shoulders at arms' length, staring into my eyes like she was waiting for me to say something else. I said "You know that... your Teta is an artist." Her eyes grew big and I wasn't sure what she was thinking, so I just said "Teta Annie..."
She gazed off towards her painting and said in a very exaggerated voice: "WOW.. Teta..."
Oh my gosh it was priceless. So Teta, if you're reading this, color us impressed!!
Some easel work

Last week Millie had some birthday money from Grandma that was burning a hole in her pocket. We made a special trip to Dick Blick Art Supplies to pick out some goodies.
She picked out a sketch pad with ducks on the cover, a blue paint stick, and a sea sponge. I chose the squeeze bottles for doing messy paint, and the little jar to hold our homemade glue.
Modified sketch book :)
Working on the green collage. Just yellow and orange to go and then we'll hang them on the wall. So exciting!! I'll do a project update soon.
New drawer with re-purposed materials for print-making


  1. LOVE it!! Come visit me, Millie so we can paint together!!!

  2. there is a very special bond going on here between Millie and her Tete Anne...what a lucky girl, and vice versa! xoxo

  3. Love your studio, Millie Bea! Teta Annie has one too! ox

  4. That is adorable! Next time she visits we'll all have to paint together.