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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The friendly kitty

I'm so proud of my girl for being kind to animals. We met this friendly "yellow" kitty at the garden center yesterday and Millie could hardly contain her excitement. The kitty was pretty excited too! Millie remembered all the steps to greet a cat:
1. Call her over with "kitty kisses" (by making kissy noises)
2. Offer your hand for her to sniff
3. If she accepts, pet her gently down the back
We got sandpaper tongue kisses all over our hands. Millie was in heaven.


  1. Those are really sweet pictures of Millie Bea! ox

  2. Boy, have I been waiting for the next installment of the Story of Millie...and love this newest one. Genetically, could Millie go any other way than have wonderful connections with animals? The photos tell the story, and I love the descriptions you shared. What a precious time in the life of a precious little girl! xlxl

    1. She is such a sweetie... I swear animals seek her out! Yesterday even the parent geese and their babies were walking right towards her