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Friday, May 30, 2014

MRI update

Millie says: there's more than one way to consume a milkshake!
We have scheduled Millie's yearly MRI check-up for June 23rd. This time Dr. Wisoff has requested a double-header: a full thoracic spine and lumbar spine image. It will be nice to see that everything is in order all the way up to her neck. We will likely have an early morning appointment at NYU (the nurses call a day ahead to tell us what time), then we will meet with Dr. Wisoff at his office later in the day while he reviews the images. He will be checking on the growth of her spine, looking at the scar tissue, and assessing the excess fluid at the base of her spine (which is hopefully the same or less than it was last year).
Last June Millie wasn't even walking yet, so it will be exciting to update her chart with all the progress she has made this past year: she has completed daytime and nighttime potty learning 100%... She can run up and down hills, climb rocks and slides, hike for more than an hour... Her little toes wiggle all around while I try to clip her nails (or "kitty claws" as we call them).
Yes indeed we are proud of our sweet Minky, and forever grateful for her mobility. We are feeling very hopeful that these next 8 years of MRIs will just be routine check-ups, a little bit of parent bragging (one day Millie will be showing Dr. Wisoff her dance recital photos!), and a lot of thankfulness.


  1. So happy! Thank God and Thank Dr. Wisoff!!! And Dr. Gurgley! ox

  2. Sending lots of healthy and happy thoughts your way!! Look at how tall she is!

  3. A big milestone coming up! Thanks for sharing, so we can all send happy, positive thoughts that day. What a year of growth, in so many ways. Love to you all. xoxo